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Ferrofluid Bluetooth Speaker with 15W Phone Wireless Charger

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Ferrofluid Speaker with Music Visualize

What is Ferrofluid?

Developed by NASA, the magnetic liquid was originally used in rocket ships to control fuel in zero gravity.

In June 2020, Bock Warning, and Cyberslee, discovered that magnetic fluids could be used to create an art rhythm.

Now, we've harnessed its power to bring you stunning graphics that enhance your listening experience.

Ferrofluid Speaker with Music Visualize

Product Description

  • After a long time of playback, the device often shuts down automatically: unplug the power and turn it back on;
  • Bluetooth lag: whether it exceeds the effective connection distance of the speaker, or there are obstacles between the speaker and the Bluetooth device;
  • Pairing unsuccessful:
  • a. Check whether the speaker is in the search state, or restart the system;
  • b. There are too many peripheral Bluetooth devices, causing difficulty in searching, and turn off other Bluetooth devices.


  • The ferrofluid will show agglomeration,disperse,suspending,sinking and otherstates with different music/sounds. These are the physical properties offerrofluid bodies, not a quality issue.
  • Part of the material components of the ferrofluid of the product are: pure water, mineral oil, and nano-iron powder, all of which are non-toxic and harmless.
  • lt is forbidden to use it in high temperature and sun exposure environment.
  • Hightemperature (such as inside a car) and sun exposure environment will causethe liquid to expand and cause the glass bottle to burst.


Ferrofluid Speaker with Music Visualize

Ferrofluid speaker is a perfect gift at Christmas, birthday, holiday,Father's Day mother's Day thanksgiving Day.

Imagine that when lovers/friends/parents/kids receive magnetic fluid lamp, it'll bring them much surprise!

Ferrofluid Speaker with Music Visualize

 Connection Method

  • Bluetooth connection for playback
  • AUX (external audio input) connection for playback
  • TF card connected playback
  • USB connection playback 

Package contains:

  • 1x Ferrofluid Speaker
  • 1x 12VDC Power Adapter
  • 1x AUX Audio Cable
  • 1x Small Magnets
  • 1x Instructions


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Ferrofluid Bluetooth Speaker with 15W Phone Wireless Charger
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